Scientific Projects

Project: Insight into host response, genomic interactions and insect vector-mediated transmission of viral lineages during co–infection of a single plant GJ19-22187Y 
Principal investigator: Mgr Igor Koloniuk, Ph.D. 
Years: 2019-2021

Project: Research of spreading, biological characteristics and harmfulness of viruses identified in strawberry using newest diagnostic methods (NGS, PCR) as a basis for legislation QK1920245
Principal investigator: Dr. Ing. Jana Fránová
Years: 2019-2021

Project: New approaches to the production of certified varieties of apple trees using NGS diagnostics of pathogens QK1910065
Principal investigator: prof., RNDr. Josef Špak, DrSc.
Years: 2019-2023

Project: BIOPATH - Biocontrol of selected potato pathogenic bacteria QK1910028
Principal investigator: prof.RNDr. Karel Petzik, CSc.
Years: 2019-2022

Project: Selection of virulent phage to Xanthomonas strains infecting tomatoes subprogramme of TP01010022
Principal investigator: prof.RNDr. Karel Petzik, CSc.
Years: 2020-2022

Project:  Healthy berries in a changing climate: development of new biotechnological procedures for virus
diagnostics, vector studies, elimination and safe preservation of strawberry and raspberry
Principal investigator: Dr. Ing. Jana Fránová
Years: 2021-2024



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