Research scope

Institute of Plant Molecular Biology conducts complex research on plants at the molecular level – plant genome, structure and function of cells, compunds produced by plants, molecular principles of photosynthesis, biophysical and biochemical bases of processes in the plants, and microscopic pathogens of plants.


We are interested in:

  • Sequence composition, molecular organization and evolution of plant chromosomes (details)
  • Molecular basis of photosynthesis, carbon metabolism and gases exchange in plants (details)
  • Metal metabolism and photosynthesis regulation (details)
  • Variability and evolution of plant viruses and phytoplasmas, methods of their detection and analysis of new viruses (details)
  • Epigenetics of plants - plant responses to environmental conditions, developmental and metabolic changes during seed germination (details)
  • Cellular signaling in plants and its orchestration, participation of special receptors and reactive oxygen species on signal transduction (details)

IPMB research



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Institute of Plant Molecular Biology
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