Project: Receptor-like protein kinase-mediated regulation of plasmodesmata and intercellular communication in plants (23-04866S)
Funding Agency: GAČR
PI: Michael Wrzaczek (UMBR)
Years: 2023 –2025.
Project: Redox signalling to chromatin during stress responses in plants (22-17092S)
Funding Agency: GAČR
PI Pavel Kerchev (Mendel University), Co-PI Michael Wrzaczek (UMBR)
Years: 2022 –2024.
Project: Signal integration through plasma membrane-localized proteins during stress signaling in plants (323917)
Funding Agency: Academy of Finland
PI: Michael Wrzaczek (at University of Helsinki, Finland)
Years: 2019 - 2023


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Institute of Plant Molecular Biology
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