Date: 22.05.2023

Training school: Trace metal metabolism in plants

Training school for working with metaloproteins will be held from 17th to 19th July on IPMB - BC AV ČR for members of PLANTMETALS COST Action.

The course will be lead by the team of prof. Kuepper (Plant Biophysics and Biochemistry), the programme of course is attached. To apply, short motivation letter (approx. 200 words) should be sent till 4th June to prof. Hendrik Küpper. Maximal cappacity of the course is 10 trainees. In the selection based on the motivation letters, priority will be given to PhD students. Possible remaining places will be offered to members of the other Working Groups of the PLANTMETALS COST project, based on the same selection criteria (if the choice between two candidates cannot be decided by the aforementioned criteria because they have too equal rank, the principle "first come first served" applies).

Programme of Training school for working with metaloproteins (PDF file)




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