Date: 30.05.2022

10th workshop on the analysis of repetitive sequences

On May 24th - 26th, the tenth year of a scientific workshop was held at the Biological Centre CAS dealing with practical issues and approaches to the analysis of repetitive sequences in plant and animal genomes. It was specifically focused on the RepeatExplorer program, developed in previous years by the team of Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics to analyze such parts of hereditary information in the Next-generation sequencing data. As a news this year, our colleagues demonstrated new tools employing RepeatExplorer output and its improved reference databases to annotate repeats in genome assemblies.

The workshop was attended by 35 participants, 15 from the Czech Republic and 20 other colleagues from Germany, UK, Spain, Croatia, Slovakia, Canada, Brazil and South Korea. Detailed program of the workshop, including an image gallery, can be found on the workshop website.




Biology Centre CAS
Institute of Plant Molecular Biology
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