Date: 30.04.2021

9th workshop about analysis of repetitive DNA

For the ninth time, scientists from all over the world will practicise to analyze repetitive DNA sequences from the Next generation sequencing. How to do that in the RepeatExplorer program will be tought by the staff of the Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics from the Institute of Molecular Plant Biology - Biological Centre of the CAS, who developed the mentioned program and the other computer tools for repeat DNA sequence analysis.

Workshop "9th RepeatExplorer Workshop on the Application of Next Generation Sequencing to Repetitive DNA Analysis" will be held in 25th May - 11th June 2021, this time on-line due to the coronavirus situation. However, as it is evident from full program of the workshop, the on-line form will also enable to train and discuss all theoretical and practical aspects of this analysis.




Biology Centre CAS
Institute of Plant Molecular Biology
Branišovská 1160/31
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