Date: 28.02.2021

Plant virologists participate on Strategy AV21

Plant virologists from the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology - Biology centre CAS have started to participate on the new program "Virology and antiviral strategy" which is part of Strategy AV21 targeting "Top research in the public interest“. Together with their colleagues from the Institute of Parasitology - Biology centre CAS, and with three other institutions of the Czech Academy of Sciences, they will investigate viruses and viral diseases on the molecular level, especially the mechanisms of viral replication.

The main goals of plant virologists are to develop detection methods for viruses of the important crops, and to prepare recombinant proteins usable in further basic research and/or praxe. The usage of virus-specific antibodies in the basic research will be also of substantial importance.

The coordinator of the program is Daniel Růžek from Biology centre CAS, the program is expected to run for 5 years (2021-2025).





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