Date: 06.03.2019

Registration for Plant Biology CS 2019 has been open

Every three years, the Czech Society of Experimental Plant Biology and Plant Physiology section of the Slovak Botanical Society jointly organize meetings, which are hosted by alternating Czech and Slovak university cities. The next conference (titled Plant Biology CS, 2019) will take place in České Budějovice (at the joint campus of the University of South Bohemia and Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences) from 25th to 30th August 2019. The first two days (Sunday and Monday) will be devoted to PhD student meeting, the rest of the time (Tuesday-Friday) to regular conference.

On behalf of the mentioned institutions as well as the organisation committee, we are pleased to invite and encourage you to participate at Plant Biology CS, 2019. To make your participation more useful and enjoyable, we feel that the conference should be based on the following four principles.

  1. We aim to attract scientists from a broad range of fields of experimental plant science, active in the Czech and Slovak laboratories and abroad and respected worldwide. Therefore, we planned a number of specialized sessions designed by their chairpersons.
  2. Plant science in the Czech and Slovak Republics has become more international in the last years, opening to Europe and the world. Therefore, the official language of the conference will be English with the alternative possibility of Czech/Slovak presentations mostly in the field of applied plant science as agriculture, forestry, horticulture etc.
  3. We intend to create ample space for young scientists at the conference, both at the level of session organisation and active participation support. We are aiming for and trying hard to keep the associated fees as low as possible.
  4. In respect to the tradition of preceding conferences, we would like to welcome and acknowledge already established scientists, teachers and personalities of Czech and Slovak plant biology who provide the crucial perspective, feedback and scientific quality.

So book the date, spread the word, invite your colleagues an help us fill the conference with exciting and diverse plant science! We are looking forward to seeing you in České Budějovice.

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Biology Centre CAS
Institute of Plant Molecular Biology
Branišovská 1160/31
370 05 České Budějovice

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