Date: 23.01.2017

Key results 2016

Last year we revealed a lots of details about the principles of the life on the Earth.


  • We discovered that even in some unicellular algae there are photosystems spacially separated, contrary to previous assumptions. These algae can then better regulate the saving light energy from the Sun.

  • In the previous years we discovered a novel type of centromeres in pea and sweet-pea plants. Now we have analysed and described them in more detail. Our findings supports the idea that this novel type represents an intermediate stage between usuall monocentrics and holocentrics centromeres.

  • Our longterm research on medicinally important compounds in the hop revealed important transcriptional factor, which regulates production of these compounds in lupulin glands. Fruthermore, we obtained transgenic hop plants with increased production of this transcription factor.

  • We revealed the reason for low-toxicity of cadmium in plants.

  • In the cooperation with the colleagues from whole world, we discovered 4 new species of polypore fungi, established 6 new genera, and published complete descriptions of them including identification key.


More details about these discoveries can be read on Key results page or in separate PDF-file.




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