Date: 10.10.2016

Not all fungi are the same...

...Even if they look like. The proof is presented in a new publication of chinese colleagues and dr. Vlasák. Based on extensive screening of morphological features and genetic data, they reorganised fundamentally the taxonomy of brown-rot fungi (polypore fungi), established 6 new genera, and discovered 4 new species of them. Complete description of species, including the identification key, were published in Fungal diversity (IF=6.99) this year. The usefulness of their work can be deduced from the fact that the paper has been cited 4 times in last months.

Citation: Han M.L., Chen Y.Y., Shen L.L., Song J., Vlasák J., Dai Y.Ch., Cui B.K. (2016) Taxonomy and phylogeny of the brown-rot fungi: Fomitopsis and its related genera Fungal diversity online first: DOI: 10.1007/s13225-016-0364-y


How the new species and their hybrids look like can be seen in publication




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