Research of the Department of Molecular Genetics focuses on viroid research, functional genomics of hop, antisensing and gene silencing, anti-tumoric plant nucleases, and virus variability.

Viroid research

  • Focused on PSTVd and hop viroids
  • Study on biochemical aspects of viroid-caused pathogenesis, propagation, antisensing and variability
  • Analysis of adaptability, evolution and variability under stress conditions
  • Induction and mechanisms of paralyzing effects caused by viroids
  • Transfer of viroid populations to weed species and probing viroid elimination processes

Functional genomics of hop

  • Genomic and expression libraries focused on genes co-determining lupulin production
  • Isolation and characterization hop transcription factors and their complexes
  • Analysis of transcrition factors network determining biosynthesis of medicinal prenylchalcones

Anti-tumorogenic plant nuclease

  • Molecular genetic analysis of plant nuclease I and its homologues as a source for for medicinal experiments, analysis of anticancer action
  • Clonning and comparative functional genomics and proteomics of plant nucleases and nuclease biogenesis
  • Recombinant plant nucleases preparation, structure analysis and modifications


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Institute of Plant Molecular Biology
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